Borgmester byder velkommen

On the right is seen Puerto Galera Mayor Rocky Ilagan – and to the  left chairman Hans Nielsen.


Puerto Galera’s mayor Rocky Ilagan (51) had invited 3 members of the Afro-Asia Educare team to a meeting at the mayor’s office.
The participants were board member Jan Samuelson, guest teacher coordinator Amy Bunquin and chairman Hans Nielsen – from AAE
The purpose was to inform the mayor about Afro-Asia Edcucare’s ongoing aid activities in the Philippines – and especially in Puerto Galera (click and see more about the Puerto Galera area.)
We gave brief information about the historical development back to the beginning in approx. 2010 and until now the “guest teacher program” and the scholarship program – including help for the Mangyan schools.
The mayor praised AAE’s efforts, which are appreciated throughout the area.
The mayor agreed – and listened intently to AAE’s future visions, which also include sending Filipino teachers on exchange stays in Denmark. 
The mayor assured Afro-Asia Educare of full support for the aid work in the Philippines – and should problems of one kind or another arise – we could simply contact the mayor.
At the end of the visit, we presented the mayor with a small gift, in the form of an AAE association’s new T-shirts. (photo above)